The Verdict is In – I’m Obsessed with My New Diet

This is how it looks...

This is how it looks…

I confessed last week that I’m a total Sally when it comes to ordering. I completely demolish any menu by ordering “light this,” “extra that,” and “hold the this.” So you can imagine how I was kinda freaking out as I awaited my first Deliver Lean drop off.

It came at 3AM. *NOTE: If you live in a gated community I suggest you call them in ahead of time! I forgot to do so, and woke up like a shot, adrenalin rushing … assuming any 3AM call is bad news.

Beyond alert, I decided to assess my goodies then and there. I tore into that freezer pack like a child on Christmas… Will I like anything? Will it look like the pictures? I hope it’s not a sweater.

Well, I liked everything, minus a cold tuna salad that I gave to my hubs. It looked fancy and gourmet and beautiful. And they didn’t send me a single sweater.

Over the course of the week, I’ve eaten breakfast everyday. A feat I’ve attempted to maintain (in vain) since nursery school. I had power pancakes with raspberry compote, and steel cut oatmeal, parfait, omelets, and hash … and I didn’t have to cook any of it … oh joy of joys!


For lunches I ate Mongolian beef, Thai chicken satay, shrimp and avocado, chicken Marsala, quinoa, blanched veggies … it was lovely and totally beat my quickie bagel with a shmear from Einstein’s or my instant oatmeal from Starbucks.  My cardiologist would be proud!


Each night, as I made my kids their usual kids meals (yes, we’re still on the multi-meal plan), I sat down to a lovely crusted salmon or glazed mahi with butternut squash or wild rice. My poor hubby did his usual, picked up a sub on the way back from my son’s baseball practice (a habit I’d love for him to change). Which I think he would considering, the few extra meals I had (due to lunch dates that were already planned), were eaten by him with fervor.


I drank pineapple and kale juice (delish) as a snack and actually had some energy for a change. I wasn’t even having (needing) my 4PM coffee, which I’m certain is the reason I’m up until 1AM every night and can’t get my ass out of bed to make breakfast in the morning.

Though 2 of my friends did Deliver Lean and lost over 20lbs, I was in it for the healthy, fresh, detox factor. I imagine skipping breakfast and lunch and then eating a bag of organic Terra chips probably doesn’t qualify as healthy, though I tell myself it is when I do just that.

My verdict: This is brilliant. Meals are delish, fresh, plus like $7/each, that’s less than the crappy sushi I get at the grocery store.

If you’re in it for the weight loss: You should try to stick to the meals. You can talk to the nutritionist to figure out how many per day and how many days per week.

If you’re in it for the health/detox or time saving aspect: Go with 3 or 4 a day 5 days a week (you could probably skip weekends) and don’t let it stop you from having lunch with a friend or dinner with the fam.

My plan (the Oprah plan): 4 or 5 a day — 5 days a week. In order to share the extras with my kids (if they’d be so adventurous) and my hubs, so he has something after practices — and I only have to cook a couple nights a week. Why Oprah? I imagine that’s kinda what it would be like to have your own personal chef. Gourmet meals at the ready — perfectly balanced and portioned … and the ability to have Stedman fire up the grill on the weekends.

If you have questions, as an old pro, I’d be happy to answer them for you. Just leave them in the comments. And of course I’ll give you my discount:  “Sign up for 1 month at $24.99 per day and get 3 days FREE.”


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  1. Jen Havice via Facebook

    Looks really good. I’ve been on a bit of a diet myself. Cutting out the wheat and sugar as much as possible.


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