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The Verdict is In – I’m Obsessed with My New Diet

This is how it looks...

This is how it looks…

I confessed last week that I’m a total Sally when it comes to ordering. I completely demolish any menu by ordering “light this,” “extra that,” and “hold the this.” So you can imagine how I was kinda freaking out as I awaited my first Deliver Lean drop off.

It came at 3AM. *NOTE: If you live in a gated community I suggest you call them in ahead of time! I forgot to do so, and woke up like a shot, adrenalin rushing … assuming any 3AM call is bad news.

Beyond alert, I decided to assess my goodies then and there. I tore into that freezer pack like a child on Christmas… Will I like anything? Will it look like the pictures? I hope it’s not a sweater.

Well, I liked everything, minus a cold tuna salad that I gave to my hubs. It looked fancy and gourmet and beautiful. And they didn’t send me a single sweater. Continue reading

I’m Trying the Newest Dieting Trend – Wish Me Luck

In my burb, DeliverLean is the new big thing.  Once everyone had gotten sick of the juice fasts – which I never tried, because I like to chew.  And once everyone realized getting a colonic was nothing like going to the spa (Skipped that too, though I was  tempted to go for the celebrity sighting aspect, “Hello Ben and Matt.”), people were ready to find something with more longevity and less nakedness. Continue reading