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4 thoughts on “As Seen In… I Get Around

  1. Hogan Hilling


    The Dads Behaving Dadly project is in search of good dads to acknowledge in a new book and needs your help.

    Please visit the website at for information about the mission, goals, how a dad submits a story and updates on the book’s progress.

    The book proposal with twelve stories has been submited to Turner Publishing. And now my co-editor, Al Watts, and I need more stories for the book.

    If you have any questions, contact me at


    Hogan Hilling, Author & Dads Behaving Dadly Co-Founder
    214 N. Stevens
    Orange, CA 92868
    (949) 331-8119

  2. Audra Conklin

    I just saw your awesome face on NBC …but a dress!? So kidding, you look great! So I realized I hadn’t followed up with you and MUST! Going to a Charisma on Camera event and maybe I’ll be charismatic enough for an interview after… seriously, though, Mom’s want this info and I want to get it out. Let’s talk when you have a moment. Congrats and good job!


  3. Dawn Parker-Waites

    I found you from a link on Bloggess, and really love your perspective! If you would ever like to be a guest contributor for our new media platform for women called I would love to publish. We encourage our contributors to get a digital tip jar app/code to add to the bottom of their articles with us so readers/fans can send some love. If you ever have something that you want to share please send it to me any time. Keep rockin! Deep bow~ Dawn


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