An Open Letter to the Woman Who Cut Me Off in the Carpool Lane

Before my silly rant, I wanted to say Merry Christmas to those who celebrate! I hope at least one of you got or gave a cute little Golden Retriever puppy in a barking box (that’s how I picture X-mas, so if that doesn’t really happen, please keep it to yourself!) Now, we can get on with the sarcasm …

Dear Lady Who Cut Me Off in the Carpool Lane,

Seriously? What is the matter with you? I was waiting in that line for nearly half an hour and you thought you would just sidle your way in? There’s this unwritten rule about lines that says: Wait at the end when you arrive. Also, there’s a rule about cutting people off that says: Don’t cut off people you will see at tomorrow’s PTA meeting.

Did it not dawn on you how easily I could find out who you are? It’s not like you did this on the highway … we were going to the same place. I saw your kids get into your minivan, as you were a mere five feet in front of me!

Also, you have stickers of your entire family on your back windshield (which already makes me dislike you), so it wasn’t like I needed to be David Caruso to put the pieces together.

While we’re on the subject, what possessed you to …

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4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Woman Who Cut Me Off in the Carpool Lane

  1. MarThon18

    This article as well as swim article has an underlying snotty and snide tone. Not sure if the author realizes that she sounds condescending. Perhaps her true personality comes out in writing. She never writes about helping others or just noticing kindness in general- it’s all spoiled rich lady complaining.


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